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Enphase IQ7A Microinverter Residential

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Input Voltage DC58
Output Voltage AC240
Solar panel compatibility60/72 cell
  • Grid-Tie Inverters
  • Micro inverter
  • RV Inverters
Rated Efficiency97.0 %
Dimensions LxWxH10" x 7" x 1.2"
Weight2.38 lbs
ManufacturerEnphase Energy
Manufacturer Part #IQ7A-72
Operating Temperatures -40ºC to +60ºC
Warranty25 years Manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 Business Days

About product

Enphase IQ 7A microinverter, compatible with high powered 60 and 72-cell PV modules, 366VA peak power (240VAC), MC4 DC connectors.

Enphase's IQ7 series is smart grid ready and high powered.IQ7 Microinverters pair with the Enphase IQ Envoy and Enlighten web portal to help maximize production at every module while offering simple NEC 2017 PVRSS compliant module level performance monitoring.The IQ7A is designed for high powered PV modules with operating range between 18V-58V and 10.2A (DC). At 240VAC max peak output reaches 366VA while at 208VAC max peak reaches 295VA.

This product is supplied with MC4 connectors

  • Optimized for high powered 60-cell and 72-cell modules. Power Output: 366 Watts
  • Voltage: 208 Volt 240 Volt. Built-in rapid shutdown compliant (NEC 2014 & 2017)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 25 Years. More than a million hours of testing
  • Envoy and Internet connection required. Configurable for varying grid profile.
  • Faster installation with improved, lighter two-wire cabling

Reviews & Questions

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The delivery was a bit slow. but it’s fedex that is to blame. as for Enphase — the quality and performance are superb to me.
09/03/2021 09:11 am
The staff of a1store recommended this model to me. To me these inverters feel very good so i’m satisfied. Also it was a pleasant surprise that the shop didn’t charge for delivery of those.
08/18/2021 07:27 pm
i actually used a standard inverter before, but it broke down eventually. This time i've chosen these things and they were so easy to install! Honestly, now i don’t even know why would you choose a string inverter when you can have a batch of microinverters.
08/04/2021 09:47 am
Great quality. As an installer myself, I really love Enphase products in general and their microinverters are top notch.
colin J.
07/07/2021 04:16 pm

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can i use them for a 96-cell panel?
09/04/2021, 10:23
No, this inverter is designed for 60- and 72-cell modules
Can I use it with 445w 144 cell panels in your store?
08/27/2021, 14:51
Yes it will work with 445W solar panels
So they go right on top of panels? I guess I’ll have to recalculate the load on the roof then. What is the weight of one microinverter?
08/17/2021, 11:22
The weight of one microinverter is 2.38 lbs.
hi. How do you connect them? What type of connectors are used here.
08/05/2021, 09:19
These microinverters are connected to panels with MC4 connectors