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IQ Combiner 3 with Enphase IQ Envoy™

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ManufacturerEnphase Energy
Manufacturer Part #X-IQ-AM1-240-3
  • Grid-Tie
  • Residential
Delivery Time 5-7 Business Days

About product

AC Combiner Box with IQ Envoy PCB, 80A, Single-Phase Software. Eaton BR series Distributed Generation breakers required, sold separately.

The Enphase IQ Combiner 3™ combines up to four AC branch circuits of Enphase IQ Series Microinverters and/or Enphase IQ Batteries. 

  • Manufacturers Part Number: X-IQ-AM1-240-3 M
  • Shipping Weight: 17 lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 7 in

Reviews & Questions

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I have way too many good things to say about the device to write them all down. I just want to thank the shop for a speedy delivery and unrivaled service.
08/18/2021 09:18 am
I’m planning to buy and connect the batteries to this unit in just a few weeks. Our system (but for the panels, of course) is in our basement. We own twenty 400W panels equipped with the IQ7A microinverters
Dav Avalon
07/29/2021 02:38 pm
The material of the box is very durable. The components inside are protected from the elements and there is a specifically designed vent on the left side. The Envoy IQ is already installed, and all this for a reasonable price. I couldn’t have made a better purchase.
Brody Hendrix
07/03/2021 09:17 pm

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Couldn’t find anything about the warranty...
Larry H.
08/12/2021, 10:22
The device is protected by a 5 year warranty.
Can I install it outside? Would it fare well in winter?
08/03/2021, 11:04
The device will work well as long as the temperature stays above -40 °F.
Can I buy the envoy separately?
Larry Domingo
06/10/2021, 16:20
Yes, we sell it. Just type ‘Envoy 3-Phase’ into the search box on our website.