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Generac PWRcell CXSW200A3 Automatic Transfer Switch

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Output Voltage AC120/240 VAC
Solar panel compatibility60/72 - 120/144 cell
Dimensions LxWxH6.3 х 13.5 х 30 in
Weight39 lb
ManufacturerGenerac Power Systems
Manufacturer Part #CXSW200A3
Warranty5 years manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Generac, PWRcell 200A Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Load Management, up to 4 HVAC (24Vac Controlled) Loads, Service Rated, NEMA 3R, CXSW200A3

Generac PWRcell ATS forms part of an integrated solar and storage system. This device can easily power your entire home, handling up to four 24 Vac controlled loads without requiring any extra hardware. If you couple this unit with Smart Management Modules (SMM) made by Generac, this will give the PWRcell inverter a capability to manage up to eight more circuits. Generac PWRcell CXSW200A3 is a load management device that will help you make the most of your integrated solar and storage system.

Key features

  • ETL certified Heavy Duty Generac Contactor will reliably work for years to come
  • Permits complete home energy backup for integrated PWRcell systems
  • 3R durable aluminum enclosure fit for outdoor use
  • Controls additional 8 circuits with optional SMMs
  • Handles up to 4 HVAC loads
  • 5 year warranty

Reviews & Questions

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The device works great, that’s all there is to tell. I got the best price and fast delivery. Can recommend
08/11/2021 05:36 pm
The device might seem a bit expensive, but for me automatic power on was worth it. I’m also very satisfied with the store itself, they were fast, convenient and had an attractive price
Rashad Vance
07/28/2021 09:15 am
The unit can be installed in a blink without even opening the manual. But I didn’t like that the terminals were different sizes and I had to change cable size due to that. It is a minor inconvenience though and I would still recommend the device
D. Underwood
07/14/2021 02:34 pm

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Does it have power outage sensing functionality? Thanks
08/12/2021, 18:09
Yes, this is a standard feature for ATS devices.
Is it compatible with Generac 7.6 kw inverter? Thanks
Heath Riddle
07/28/2021, 14:18
Yes, it is compatible.
Will it manage 4 central air cons?
Morgan D
07/08/2021, 14:36
Yes, it should work fine with this type of load.