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Generac PWRcell 2.85kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Module A0000391219

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Battery Charging Voltages 46.8
TypeLithium batteries
Dimensions LxWxH68" x 22" x 10"
Weight115 lb
ManufacturerGenerac Power Systems
Manufacturer Part #A0000391219
Operating Temperatures 41 to 113 °F
Warranty10 Years Manufacturer
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Generac, PWRcell Battery Module, 2.85kWh Useable, A0000391219

Generac PWRcell battery modules are designed for use as a part of integrated PWRcell solar and storage ecosystems. The modules are easy to stack, allowing for setups with as few as 3 or as many as 12 modules per inverter. Thus, the available storage capacity ranges from a modest 8.6 kWh to a massive 34.2 kWh. This flexibility helps to adjust your battery bank to the intended application. It is also possible to upgrade an already installed system by simply adding more PWRcell battery modules. With the Outdoor Rated battery cabinet the storage system can be installed outside and operated in a wide range of climates. Each battery cabinet can hold up to 6 battery

Key features

  • The batteries are plug and play with PWRcell inverters, making the installation process easier
  • Weighing only 55 lbs, these modules are easy to move and install
  • You can add or remove modules as you wish, scaling up or down
  • Indoor and outdoor installation options for more versatility
  • 10 years warranty or 7.56 MWh throughput

Reviews & Questions

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I ordered two of the batteries for my existing system after a prolonged power outage. The store employs a team of professionals who know how to do their job. The store and the product deserve 10 out of 10
08/27/2021 11:03 am
of all the companies selling similar systems generac offers by far the best price to features ratio. very pleased with their pwrcell system and plan to increase my storage in a few months. totally recommend!
Carl Sykes
08/12/2021 05:35 pm
I’m very glad I went with this system a while ago. Now, when I need more capacity, upgrading couldn’t be easier: I just order a new module from A1 and insert it in a free slot of the battery cabinet!
07/02/2021 12:14 pm

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What’s the weight of the cabinet?
Louis Wilkinson
08/24/2021, 09:25
The protective enclosure (battery cabinet) weighs 115 lbs.
Does this special battery cabinet also protect from low temperatures?
Callum Dixon
08/19/2021, 10:09
Unfortunately, no, but the batteries can still handle temperatures as low as 14 °F
What is a battery cabinet?
Corey Gardner
07/18/2021, 09:17
It is a protective enclosure for the battery modules. Inside, the modules stack two deep and three high.