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Panasonic 350W Solar Panel 120 Cell EverVolt EVPV350PK

  • Rated Power Output 350 W
  • Voltage (VOC)40.3 V
  • Number of cells120
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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350W solar panels

Compared to the first models on the market, the price of solar energy has plummeted. A little over sixty years ago solar panels were much less efficient but cost a fortune – about 100$ per watt vs. $0.3-0.5 they cost now. A 350 watt solar panel follows this trend.

Homeowners tend to choose PV modules in this wattage range, and for a good reason. They are powerful enough for residential use, but at the same time are easy to handle, at least compared to higher wattage models. Their size gives you enough freedom to position the panels in the most appropriate way, maximizing your roof space. Their dimensions also allow them to fit quite easily on top of almost any vehicle, so a 350 watt solar panel for RV is a good idea.

Specifications of 350 Watt Solar Panels

350W solar panels tend to weigh about 40 lbs, being approximately 67 inches long and 40 inches wide. Monocrystalline modules with this wattage have 60 or 72 cells, but polycrystalline panels have at least 72 due to lower efficiency.

The efficiency range of 350W solar panels lies between 15 and 22% depending on the manufacturer. The modules also vary in backsheet and frame colors, as well as overall aesthetics. Depending on your circumstances, you might also want to consider such characteristics as weather resistance, degradation rate and temperature coefficient. Our store offers many options to fit every usage scenario.

Features of 350 Watt Solar Panels

  • Some manufacturers like Silfab offer 30 years, however, a 25 year warranty is what you should expect in most cases
  • Lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum is widely used as a frame material
  • PID resistant: potential induced degradation is no longer much of a threat
  • Amazing efficiency that reaches 22.8% in some cases
  • Optimal size and weight for more flexibility

It’s not only efficiency and price that have changed over the recent decades. Many technologies have been developed to fight issues like shading, poor performance on cloudy days and temperature-driven efficiency decrease. As a result, you can now pick a module with the right set of features for the conditions in your area.

Our solar calculator can help you adapt a system to your needs.

Average Price of 350 Watt Solar Panels

350 watt solar panel price is completely up to the manufacturer. If you are looking for the most efficient modules at competitive prices, many Chinese manufacturers can offer you excellent price to efficiency ratios. If quality goes before everything else, there are many European, Japanese and Korean brands that obsess over quality standards. Generally, their modules are on the expensive side. There is also a third option – the panels made in North America. They may be somewhat less expensive, but their quality standards are equally rigorous. These are not meant as rules, but as general guidelines. You can browse 350 watt solar panels for sale in our store.

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