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LG solar panels

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LG NeON R 370W Solar Panel 60 cell LG-370M1K-A6

  • Rated Power Output 370 W
  • Voltage (VOC)41.9 V
  • Cell number60 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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LG Solar panels

For solar panels to be a reasonable purchase, they have to be reliable. And to make a reliable PV module you need a team of skilled engineers with years of experience behind their backs. LG Solar is a company that definitely has them. This Korean brand is one of the few companies that has a rich background in electronics manufacturing – the company has been on the market for 60 years. LG continues to set standards for product development and innovations and their solar panels only prove it.

About LG Solar Panels

The South Korean company has been on the solar market for over 30 years and gained a reputation of a respectable and reliable manufacturer. It operates in 140 countries, has over 70,000 employees and its yearly revenue is over $54 billion. The brand grows strong and it means that the products that it puts on the market are worth their cost. Right now the company passed on to the 6th generation of their photovoltaics. The manufacturer puts out over 2GW of solar power on the market each year. You can find LG Solar panels for sale all over the world and we’re proud to have their product in stock.

Technical Features of LG Solar Panels

Korean engineers focus on implementing innovations into their panels, maximizing the efficiency and retaining high quality of their product. The technical characteristics of LG solar panels show it clearly:

  • N-type cells of LG Solar panels show better energy conversion and slower degradation rates than more widespread P-cell solar cells.
  • LG solar panel efficiency reaches up to 22%.
  • Solar panels retain over 90% of their power after 25 years.
  • Double-layer aluminium frames give LG solar panels an outstanding wind resistance of 5,400 Pa on the front and 4,000 Pa on the rear.
  • Great corrosion resistance makes LG panels suitable for coastal installations.

What is the average price of LG Solar Panels?

LG solar panels cost slightly more than average PV modules on the market. The company is known for widespread implementation of N-type solar cells which are higher-quality than standard P-type cells, but more expensive as well. Their popular model Neon 2 is 25% more expensive than the average monocrystalline module, but its higher production compensates for it. You can always check the current prices in our store.

How long is the warranty on the LG Solar Panels?

The warranties for Korean products are quite solid. LG Solar puts out a 25 years warranty both for the panel and its production level. Two most modern LG Solar models Neon 2 and Neon R retain 90% and 90.8% respectively of power output after 25 years. If you have problems with your panels, contact LG Solar USA customer service office.

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