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Solaria 400W Solar Panel PowerX-400R

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Rated Power Output 400 W
Voltage (VOC)37.3 V
Maximum String Voltage 1000V
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency20.5 %
Connector TypeMC4
Backsheet Colorblack
Frame Colorblack
Dimensions LxWxH67.8 × 44.7 × 1.4 in
Weight48.7 lb
Pallet Qty31
Manufacturer Part #PowerX-400R
Operating Temperatures −40°F to +185°F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty25 years Manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

400R is part of the PowerX Series — one of the most recent made by Solaria. These panels employ cutting-edge technologies to achieve superior efficiency and reliability. The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology ensures excellent power output. This solar cell type employs an additional reflective layer to absorb more sunlight. 

Each of the 20 cells in this Solaria solar panel uses a patented PowerXT technology. It involves cutting and rearranging solar cells for higher efficiency and reduced losses. As a result, the panel achieves an impressive efficiency of 20.5%. Cell surface, back foil and frame are completely black, giving the model unrivaled aesthetics. Solaria provides an industry-leading 25-year performance warranty and a 25-year product warranty. 

  • 20 PowerXT PERC cells
  • 400 W nameplate capacity
  • 20.5% efficiency
  • 1000 V DC maximum system voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • 25 years of product and 25 years of performance warranty

Outstanding productivity integrating the newest advances

This panel's manufacturer offers power output of 400 W at 20.5 percent efficiency. High energy production levels are attained by utilizing the most recent developments in the solar sector. A more productive panel produces more per square foot and pays for itself more quickly.

Improved efficiency at high temperatures

Greater energy as temperature rises is a mark of a good temperature coefficient. Your panel's efficiency will drop by just 0.28% for every 1.8°F increase over 77°F.

Quality and reliability

400R receives multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and is subject to stringent quality and reliability testing. The manufacturing facilities are highly automated, eliminating the risk of human error. Solaria is dedicated to quality, safety and reliability to ensure you get the very best.

Reliability and degradation resistance

Solaria guarantees slow deterioration over the next 25 years. The performance will decline by no more than 2% during the first year and then by no more than 0.50% every year after that. After the 25 years are over, your modules will retain at least 86% of their original performance. This 400 W Solaria solar panel also comes with a substantial 25-year product warranty.

Certified for the most extreme environmental conditions

PID, salt, acid and ammonia cannot harm 400R. Furthermore, it has a mechanical load resistance of up to 5400 Pa in the front and 2400 Pa in the back. A layer of protective glass and 1.4" thick anodized aluminum frame are the primary reasons for its toughness.

Stunning black aesthetics

The sleek, all-black aesthetics of the panel will complement any rooftop. By using a variety of treatments and selection criteria, the producer guarantees high quality cell color. Engineers at Solaria employ smaller gauge wires to link the cells together, creating a seamless appearance.


67.8" x 44.7" x 1.4"


48.7 lb

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