Longi Solar unveils 24.4%-efficient 660W solar panel

Hi-MO 9 is designed for utility-scale projects and features HPBC cell technology which combines the advantages of PERC, TOPCon, and IBC solar technologies.

Chinese solar module manufacturer Longi has introduced the Hi-MO 9, a new module series based on its proprietary hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology. Designed for utility-scale PV projects, the Hi-MO 9 module comes in eight versions, with power output ranging from 625 W to 660 W and power conversion efficiency spanning from 23.1% to 24.4%.

The modules have an open-circuit voltage of 53.30 V to 54.00 V and a short-circuit current of 14.85 A to 15.41 A. They feature a temperature coefficient of -0.28%/°C, a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V, and dimensions of 2,382 mm x 1,134 mm x 30 mm, weighing 33.5 kg. Other features include IP68 junction boxes, an anodized aluminum alloy frame, and 2.0 mm coated tempered glass.

The Hi-MO 9 modules come with a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power output warranty, ensuring no less than 88.85% of the nominal output power at the end of 30 years.

“In the second-generation BC product, we have comprehensively optimized the bifaciality issue,” Longi mentioned, noting that while the bifaciality factor is generally not very high in back contact technologies, their new product demonstrates a 6% to 8% improvement in overall life-cycle power generation capability.

Longi has yet to disclose all technical aspects of its HPBC cell technology but previously indicated it combines the advantages of PERC, TOPCon, and IBC solar technologies. BC technology can also be paired with p-type wafers, leveraging Longi’s substantial production capacities for an edge over traditional IBC technology. Learn more about them in our article on solar efficiency.

Earlier this year, Longi launched its Hi-MO X6 Explorer, Hi-MO X6 Guardian, and recently, the Hi-MO X6 Scientist panels. If you want to learn more about the brand, check out our article "LONGi Solar panels review 2023: 7th giant".

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