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REC solar panels vs Aptos Solar

Which brand makes better solar panels: A veteran from Norway REC Solar or a fresh company from California Aptos Solar? Let’s look at these two and decide: we’ll bring up the pros and cons of their products and compare their PV modules side by side in our REC solar panels vs Aptos Solar.

What we know about the REC solar panel brand

REC Solar is a solar panel manufacturer and provider of solar energy solutions. The company is headquartered in Norway and has manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Norway. REC Solar is known for producing high-quality and reliable solar panels that are widely used in residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects around the world. The company offers a range of solar energy services, including design, installation, and maintenance, as well as energy storage and monitoring solutions.

What we know about Aptos Solar panel brand

Aptos Solar has been in the industry only for a few years, but it already makes quality solar panels. The company was registered in 2019 and ít’s headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The production facilities are located in China, Indonesia and Australia.

Aptos Solar devised 3X IEC Standard quality testing. The panels undergo tests that are three times stricter than the standards set by the IEC. Each module has to be able to withstand thermal cycling, humidity freeze and damp heat.

REC solar panels vs Aptos Solar panels: Pros and Cons

Next, we’re going to list the advantages and disadvantages of two brands. You’ll be able to decide the winner after looking at the table.

REC solar panels Aptos Solar panels
1. Making the most of your available space is made possible by high efficiency of REC panels up to 22%.
2. For some REC panels, there are triple 25-year guarantees available for the product, performance, and labor.
3. Superior quality — only one in ten thousand REC panels fail.
4. Low rate of deterioration. The most modern REC panels have a 25-year power retention of over 92% and an annual power loss of just 0.25%.
1. High quality. The exceptional quality of Aptos Solar panels is guaranteed by stringent quality requirements and independent testing. They are resilient, dependable, and suited to all types of weather.
2. Solid guarantees. You don't see 25-year product warranties and 30-year performance warranties every day. These figures demonstrate Aptos Solar's confidence in the merchandise it sells.
3. Nice design. Aptos Solar panels have a completely black design without any too silver ribbons or busbars
1. REC solar panels aren’t well suited for industrial-scale installations.
2. The cost of REC solar panels is higher than average.
1. Small product line. So far, Aptos has 2-3 models in different variations. The brand has only recently started operations, so hopefully we'll see progress in that direction later.
2. Young brand. Aptos Solar is only 2-3 years old. Those first few years can be tough, so Aptos Solar panels can be hard to come by and warranty support can take longer.

Best solar panel REC vs Best solar panel Aptos Solar: By A1SolarStore

What kind of panels do these brands offer? We’ll round up our REC solar panels vs Apros Solar comparison by taking a look at two different models.


This is a 360-380 W 120-cell panel that is well-suited for residential systems. The conversion rate goes up to 21.7%. Heterojunction technology improves performance in hot areas. Degradation rate is only 0.25% power loss per year. Reinforced frame is capable of withstanding the pressure of 146 lbs/sq ft which amounts to 250 mph wind.

Aptos Solar DNA-120-370

A relatively simple panel from Aptos Solar, the DNA-120-370, is ideal for home installations. With a 370 watt power output, it boasts a 20.29% efficiency. The half-cut design increases a module's durability and enhances its tolerance to shading. 5400 Pa of wind or snow load may be supported by the panel. In addition to a 25-year product guarantee, it comes with a 30-year performance warranty.

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