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Generac PWRcell Lithium-Ion Battery Module APK00028

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Battery Charging Voltages 360-420 VDC
TypeLithium batteries
Dimensions LxWxH68 ×22 × 10 in
Weight115 lb
ManufacturerGenerac Power Systems
Manufacturer Part #APK00028
Warranty10 Yr Warranty
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Generac PWRcell Energy Storage System

AEE now offers the Generac PWRcell solar plus storage solution. In 2019, Generac Power acquired Neurio Technology and Pika Energy to deliver an integrated solar with energy storage solution. PWRcell is a DC-coupled grid tied solar and storage solution based on proven, modular Lithium-ION battery technology, combining string level optimization, backup power with up to 7.6 kW output, and flexible configuration of 9.0 kWh to 36.0 kWh of Lithium-ION battery storage. This is ideal for net-metering, self-supply, backup power, zero-export and energy cost management, customizable for the customers budget and needs.

The PWRcell 7600 W inverter is 120/240 VAC split phase for residential use with up to 10 kW surge capacity. The 11400 W inverter is 120/208 3Ø grid tie, with 7.6 kW 120/240 VAC split phase output for backup power. The entire DC system (PV Links, Battery, and Inverter) is connected on a high voltage DC busing, named REbus, and operates at a fixed 380 VDC. Solar PV modules are connected to the system with PV Link string optimizers with 3 to 9 modules in each string. NEC2017 Rapid Shutdown is achieved with proprietary SnapRS in-line Rapid Shutdown devices. The PWRview home app gives monitoring for the entire system, with detailed dashboards for consumption, solar generation, and battery usage.

The PWRcell battery system is comprised of PWRcell battery modules and a PWRcell cabinet. Each battery bank is composed of a PWRcell cabinet and 3 to 6 PWRcell battery modules at 2.85 kWh or 3.0 kWh each, for 8.55 kWh to 18.0 kWh of storage. For an odd number of battery modules one spacer should be added for each cabinet. One or two cabinets can be connected to each inverter for a total of up to 36.0 kWh of storage.
• PWRcell batteries are easily configurable between 9.0 to 18.0 kWh per cabinet
• Up to 10 kW of surge load to power inductive loads for both inverters
• The 11.4 kW inverter has 120/208 VAC 3Ø grid tie and 120/240VAC split phase backup output 
• Systems are upgradable as batteries are stackable in parallel
• Backup, self-consumption, and TOU capable
• Certifications: UL9540, UL1973, UL1741-SA, CSA 22.2, IEEE1547, Rule 21, Rule 14H, FCC part15 class B

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My solar system has a Generac inverter that is battery capable. Will this unit work by itself or do I need anything else?
02/02/2024, 14:47
This is only battery, follow manual: https://www.mouser.com/images/microsites/key-renewable-energy-fig8.png
How many AH Is the $3500 power wall
stephen hare
11/13/2023, 10:25
It's 190Ah
How does this unit compare to Tesla power wall unit?
Thomas Bush Jr
10/17/2023, 13:53
Tesla: AC Voltage (Nominal) 120/240 Generac: Battery charging-360-420 VDC Tesla is charged by the grid, while generac – by solar panels.
I have 22 solar panels on my roof and my power bill is still approaching $140 a month, will this battery be compatible and if so will it help with my electric bill. Seems I spent a lot on solar for nothing, I was disillusioned into believing I would get just a connection charge, but I'm wondering if the battery will make things better?
William F Vinson
05/25/2023, 19:44
In order to see if the battery is compatible with your solar panel array, we would need to know the total power output and the model of your solar panels. Please feel free to contact our engineer Vic for more details: vic@a1solarstore.com