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Schneider Charge Controller Electric 80А MPPT 80-600

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Battery Charging Voltages 195 to 550 V
Battery compatibilityLead acid
Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
Maximum charging current80 A
Maximum voltage of the solar panels600 V
Dimensions LxWxH30" × 8.62" × 8.62"
Weight29.8 lbs
ManufacturerSchneider Electric
Manufacturer Part #865-1032
Operating Temperatures -4°F to 149°F
Warranty5 years manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Schneider Electric, XW-MPPT80-600 Charge Controller, 80A, 600VDC, 48VDC, (requires a SCP to program RNW865105001,#341-0109), White, RNW8651032

The Conext™ XW Series is one solution for a wide range of applications including grid-tie, off-grid and backup power. It is comprised of manageable building blocks for single- or three-phase systems ranging from 4 kW to 36 kW. Within the system, the MPPT 80 600 solar charge controller regulates the proper charging voltage of the system’s batteries.


  • 600 VDC maximum input
         -  Full power range: 230 to 550 VDC
         -  Operating range: 195 to 550 VDC
         -  MMPT range: 195 to 510 VDC
         -  PV array start voltage: 230 VDC
  • 80 A output
  • Full output power at 450 C without derating
  • Charges 24 V or 48 V battery banks
  • Fast Sweep MPPT algorithm
  • High efficiency: 96% nom @ 48 V and 94% nom @ 24 V
  • Input over- and under-voltage protection, output over-current and backfeed protection
  • Over-temperature protection and power derating when ambient temperatures are high

Cost efficient

  • Fewer parts and simpler system design reduce installation costs
  • Combiner box and CB’s eliminated
  • Uses smaller AWG wire
  • Built in GFP and indicator
  • Battery temperature sensor included


  • Configurable for positive, negative and ungrounded PV systems
  • Long PV strings allow for optimal module configuration and performance
  • PDP Mounting Compatible
  • Used with both the Conext XW and Conext SW inverter/charger systems 5 year standard warranty

Reviews & Questions

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Outstanding product. Certainly worth the money if you have a large array, or like me, limited roof space. It allows you to use every last watt of energy while accurately monitoring every tiny detail.
08/09/2021 05:50 pm
Compare all the big brands that make charge controllers. Schneider not only sells the most powerful models, but also makes some of the most unique features.
Mrs. Hawks
07/24/2021 02:20 pm
The device runs out of the box, no problem detected. A very robust impression due to the absence of plastic parts. It is the heavier and larger side, in my opinion, but space was not an issue.
Jesse Shin
07/05/2021 11:19 am

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Does the charger include a monitor and a temperature sensor??
J. Tapia
08/09/2021, 08:24
Yes, these features are included.
Does it have a warranty? I’ve read that it doesn’t
07/25/2021, 13:32
Yes, the manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty.
Would this cover a 1000w panel + a 1200w wind turbine?
07/17/2021, 09:21
We need additional information to answer this question. Please, give us a call (800)557-5686.