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340 Watt Solar Panels

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Q CELLS DUO 340W Solar Panel 120 cells BLK G6+AC

  • Rated Power Output 340 W
  • Voltage (VOC)40.66 V
  • Cell number120 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
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Mission Solar 340W Solar Panel 60 Cell MSE340SX5T

  • Rated Power Output 340 W
  • Voltage (VOC)40.82
  • Cell number60 cell
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

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340 Watt solar panels

Since the solar market is growing rapidly, sometimes it is difficult to navigate such a variety of brands and models. In this section, we present to you all the important facts about efficient 340 Watt solar panels to aid you in making the correct choice in buying high-quality solar panels. 340W solar panel is a good choice for a commercial solar installation, but can be used in a residential system as well. One 340 W solar panel can be enough for a camper van or a small boat.

Advantages of 340 Watt solar panels

  • High efficiency due to the panel having more solar cells. A solar panel 340 watt allows producing more electricity from a square foot than more popular panels of small wattage.
  • A perfect choice for residential as well as commercial installations thanks to their smaller size.
  • Improved reliability and performance due to fewer chances for microcracks thanks to smaller cell size.
  • Easier and cheaper installation due to smaller dimensions. A 340 solar panel can be installed with the help of mounting brackets or mounting frames.

The average price of 340 Watt panels

340 watt solar panel price depends on several factors: manufacturer, quality, warranties, efficiency of a module. Chinese brands tend to lower the solar panel 340 watt price, but Europeans, Americans, Japanese put quality first which makes their 340W solar panel price higher.  At this time we offer a highly efficient 340 Watt solar panel by Panasonic for sale for $375 on our website.

Sizes of 340 Watt panels

The 340 Watt solar panels that we currently offer are 96 cell solar panels that are very similar to 60 cell solar panels due to the use of smaller solar cells. 340 Watt solar panels we offer have eight solar cells going across and 12 solar cells going down. The dimensions of a 340 Watt solar panel are about 62.5” x 41.5” x 1.6”. The weight of a 340 Watt solar panel is about 40.8 lbs.

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