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60 cell solar panels

Today, there is an abundance of solar panels on the market. Solar panels differ by various parameters, and one of these parameters is the number of silicon cells the panel has. 60 cell solar panels are one of the popular options that people choose, and in this article, you will find all the pertinent information regarding this type of solar panel.

What is a 60 cell solar panel?

A 60 cell solar panel is a solar panel that has 60 single solar cells in its construction. Each solar cell is a photocell that directly converts the energy of solar radiation into electrical energy. 60 cell solar panels are the best suitable for residential installations and are a very popular choice among homeowners.

Advantages of 60 cell solar panels

  • Suited better for smaller residential installations.
  • Smaller panels which are easier to install.
  • It will fit in tight and limited spaces on the roof as well as narrow roofs.
  • Work best with micro-inverters.

The average price of 60 cell panels

Our store has solar panels for sale from manufacturers all over the world. We offer a variety of 60 cell solar panels for sale with an average price ranging between $200 and $465. 60 cell solar panel price highly depends on the brand. Chinese usually aim for cheap panels with high power output while Europeans and Japanese try to achieve the highest quality which makes their solar panel price go up.

Sizes of 60 cell panels

All 60 cell solar panels are built with six solar cells going across and ten solar cells going down. The average dimensions of a 60 cell solar panel are about 65” x 40” x 1.5”, however, these can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. The weight of a 60 cell solar panel ranges between 42 and 47 lbs, which again, depends on the manufacturer. 60 cell solar panel size makes it quite convenient for residential solar panel installations, whereas in commercial systems slightly bigger panels are often used.

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