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OutBack FM80-150VDC 80A FLEXmax MPPT Charge Controller

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid, 48 VDC Lithium-ion
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current80 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels150 V

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Schneider Charge Controller Electric 80А MPPT 80-600

  • Battery compatibilityLead acid
  • Controller typeMPPT Charge Controllers
  • Maximum charging current80 A
  • Maximum voltage of the solar panels600 V

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80 amp charge controllers

Operating a solar power system coupled with a battery bank without a charge controller could be dangerous. By using a high-quality model, you can significantly increase the battery's lifespan and improve the system's security.  An 80 amp solar charge controller is a versatile device that can handle up to a dozen solar panels.

What an 80 amp charge controller can do

As its name suggests, this essential piece of hardware optimizes charging. A typical 80 amp solar charge controller has the following features:

  • Managing the solar panel's output voltage to avoid damage to the battery
  • Overcharging and deep discharge protection
  • Reverse current protection. There is a fire hazard associated with the unmonitored nighttime transfer of power from batteries to solar panels
  • Battery bank monitoring

When you need an 80 amp charge controller

An 80 amp solar charge controller will be sufficient for most medium and large systems. There is a pretty accurate and very easy way to determine if a charge controller of this size will be enough for your project. Divide the wattage of your panels by the voltage of your battery bank to get the answer.

For example, to charge a 48 V battery with twelve 300 W solar panels, you'll need a charge controller that can handle at least 75 A (3600 / 48 = 75). An 80 amp charge controller should provide plenty of power for this setup.

How to pick the best 80 amp charge controller

When deciding on a charge controller, it's important to weigh the relative merits of pulse-width modulation (PWM) and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technologies.

An 80 amp solar charge controller costs less than the MPPT alternative. Because they aren't as complicated, these controllers last longer than their more complex counterparts. In theory, a PWM charge controller can serve reliably for twenty years. The trade-off for longevity and affordability is reduced efficiency. Using an 80 amp PWM solar charge controller would only get you about 75-80% efficiency, and fine-tuning the charging process would be difficult. When the panel and battery voltages are different, this type of controller also suffers from excessive energy loss.

The price of an 80 amp solar charge controller with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is higher. In exchange, you benefit from increased efficiency (up to 99%) and get more control over the charging process. Depending on the manufacturer, such controllers typically last between 10 and 15 years.

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