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Magnym Charge Controllers

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Magnum Energy 100A MPPT Charge Controller Inverter buy online - A1 Solar Store Free shipping 11% Off
Controller type MPPT Charge Controllers
Maximum charging current 100 A
Maximum voltage of the solar panels 240 V
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About Magnum company

Established in 2002, Magnum Energy became known for its high quality inverters. However, the company doesn’t just rest on its laurels – Magnum’s researchers continuously work on new technologies. PFC (power factor correction) battery charger is one of their major achievements. It is included in most Magnum charge controllers and is one of the most efficient ways to charge batteries. The company also made important advances in AC coupling, helping customers with a grid-tie system to add a back-up battery bank.

Benefits and features of Magnum Solar Controllers

  • Magnum solar charge controllers range from 6 to 100 A, offering a solution for every power scenario
  • 12, 24 or 48 V battery banks support
  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • Magnum solar controllers use MPPT or PWM technologies to harvest more energy
  • Top models can support as many as 24 275 W panels
  • The company manufactures models with power consumption lower than 4 mA
  • Up to 255 days of data-logging
  • Magnum energy charge controllers use multi-stage charging to prolong battery life

How long is the warranty on the Magnum Charge Controllers ?

Magnum Energy’s warranties cover both parts and labor. From the smallest 6 A charge controller to a powerful 100 A device the company offers a solid 5 year assurance. However, the useful life of the equipment is much longer – up to 15 years.

What is the average price of Magnum controllers?

Magnum charge controller’s price will depend primarily on its output current and the type of technology used. While a 6 A PWM controller can cost as little as $20, a powerful model with MPPT outputting 100 A can be acquired for about $1,000.

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