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OutBack Battery-Based Inverter 2.0 kW FXR2012A

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Input Voltage DC12
Output Voltage AC120
Solar panel compatibility60/72 - 120/144 cell
  • Grid-Tie Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
Rated Efficiency90 %
Dimensions LxWxH13" x 8.25" x 16.25"
Weight62 lbs
ManufacturerOutBack Power Systems
Manufacturer Part # OutBack2.0kWFXR2012A
Operating Temperatures –40 to 60°C
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

OutBack Power FXR Inverter, 2.0kW, 12VDC, 120 VAC, 60HZ

The OutBack Power FXR 2.0kW inverters are a good choice for an off-grid system. Up to 10 inverters can be stacked in parallel (120 VAC) or up to 8 inverters can be stacked in a series configuration (120/240 VAC). When stacked, all inverters should be the same model. The OutBack Power FXR 2.0kW inverters should be equipped with the MATE3s controller (or AXS Port) and the Hub10.3.


  • 2,000 Watt backup power
  • 90% peak operating efficiency
  • 7 different programmable operating modes, with generator assist
  • Remote temperature sensor included
  • Designed for coastal or dusty environments
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 13" x 8.25" x 16.25". Weight: 62 lbs

Reviews & Questions

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Quite a convenient model, easy to program. The efficiency could be better, but for this money it’s a very good deal.
02/10/2022 08:17 am
The inverter itself I found to be too small for a home system. I put it in my van, works fine. the efficiency could be higher though. As for service, everything was good, the package arrived fast, tnx.
07/02/2021 11:33 am
I installed this one on my yacht a long time ago, but it started clipping, because I added some stuff on the board. Anyway, I decided to buy another one to stack them. The retailer from which I purchased the first inverter went out of business, but luckily i found the same inverter here. The prices are good and the shipping was fast. Thanks a bunch..
06/24/2021 04:01 pm
Thx, I picked this model for my RV four month ago and it doesn’t disappoint so far. I drive around a lot, but since I installed solar, I don't really need camper parks anymore. There isn’t a lot in my van — a laptop, lights plus some stuff for cooking. this is why I chose an inverter with a little capacity — it’s enough for me.
Simon Day
05/16/2021 09:00 am

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does this one have a programmable relay?
02/14/2022, 09:24
No, a sealed inverter uses this relay to power the external cooling fan, so it can't be used for anything else.
Hi, how long is it going to last? approximately of course
07/10/2021, 15:56
Good day. The warranty for this model is issued for 5 years. Inverters tend to last 10-15 years.