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OutBack Battery-Based Inverter 3.5 kW VFXR3524A-01

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Input Voltage DC24
Output Voltage AC120
Solar panel compatibility60/72 - 120/144 cell
  • Grid-Tie Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
Rated Efficiency92 %
Dimensions LxWxH13" x 8.25" x 16.25"
Weight61 lbs
ManufacturerOutBack Power Systems
Manufacturer Part # OutBack3.5kWVFXR3524A-01
Operating Temperatures –40 to 60°C
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

OutBack Power VFXR Inverter, 3.5kW, 24VDC, 120 VAC, 60HZ

The OutBack Power VFXR 3.5kW inverters are a good choice for both off-grid and grid-tied systems. They have advanced OutBack features, including Grid Zero, which minimizes grid dependence in areas where incentives are changing and utility sell-back is limited. The ventilated OutBack Power inverters offer more power in high ambient-temperature applications, and more throughput for generator-powered battery charging. 

The inverters have a programmable, auxiliary relay output connection (AUX) that provides 12 VDC output to run cooling or ventilation fans or to operate an external relay for other functions, such as remote generator starting (two-wire).

Up to 10 inverters can be stacked in parallel (120 VAC) or up to 8 inverters can be stacked in a series configuration (120/240 VAC). When stacked, all inverters should be the same model. The OutBack Power FXR 3.5kW inverters should be equipped with the MATE3s controller (or AXS Port) and the Hub10.3.


  • 3,500 Watt backup power
  • 92% peak operating efficiency
  • 60A internal transfer switch
  • 7 different programmable operating modes, with generator assist
  • Remote temperature sensor included
  • Designed for coastal or dusty environments
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 13" x 8.25" x 16.25". Weight: 61 lbs

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I was very pleased with the speed of delivery, thx! Yesterday we’ve finally finished the installation, everything is in place. The inverter works, it is very silent, let’s hope it stays that way.
08/12/2021 07:22 am
Thanks for the service! The package came in like 4 days or something, very happy. I followed your guidelines and installed the inverter in the garage. Hope that this one will last longer than my last one. Stay safe!
07/08/2021 05:24 pm
Purchased this one for my boat a year ago. Came back to find optimizers and decided to drop you a line and say thanks. Generally sea air doesn’t sit well with inverters, but so far this model is doing well.
06/12/2021 02:43 pm

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I’m a little concerned about efficiency. Does it lose a lot of energy?
07/09/2021, 12:46
The peak operating efficiency reaches 92%. Overall, it floats at 85%-90%
Do you need to clean it or something?
06/26/2021, 09:25
It is recommended to clean air intake filters from time to time, wipe the dust and check the connections.