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OutBack Mobile Inverters FX2524MT

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Input Voltage DC36
Output Voltage AC120
TypeMobile Inverters
Rated Efficiency92%
Dimensions LxWxH16.25 x 8.25 x 13 in
Weight62 lbs
ManufacturerOutBack Power Systems
Manufacturer Part #FX2524MT
Operating Temperatures -25 to 60 °C
Warranty5 Yr Warranty
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

The FX2524MT is part of the M-series of inverters from Outback, designed for mobile applications such as boats and RVs. This 2500W device provides a complete power management solution, from DC into AC conversion and intelligent battery charging to transfer switching. The sine wave generated by this model has virtually no impurities, which allows the inverter to power even the most sensitive electronic devices. Another advantage of the FX2524MT is its expandability, which makes upgrades far easier.

Power factor correction takes advantage of shore power and a generator to charge the batteries in the most efficient manner, while maximizing their lifespan. AC transfer switching is lightning fast, meaning no dropped loads when connecting to shore power. This Outback inverter is a truly rugged piece of equipment, capable of surviving in conditions where no other inverter would last. The device is completely sealed, keeping out particles and water. All aluminum elements are powder-coated to keep out corrosion. An elaborate cooling system keeps the unit at optimal temperatures even on the hottest days, while staying quiet enough to be installed right under a bunk.

Key features

  • Corrosion resistant internal components and weatherproof design
  • Pure sine wave and seamless switching to shore power
  • An all-round solution for mobile power conversion
  • A battery sensor for remote control
  • Optimal for servicing in the field
  • Easily upgradeable via stacking
  • Built-in network capabilities
  • A 5-year product warranty
  • 92% typical efficiency

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