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Silfab 370W Solar Panel 120 Cell SIL-370-HC

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Rated Power Output 370 W
Voltage (VOC)41.75 V
Number of cells120
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency20.2 %
Connector TypeMC4
Backsheet Colorblack
Frame Colorblack
Dimensions LxWxH69.4" x 40.8" x 1.37"
Weight44 lbs
Manufacturer Part #Silfab370WSIL-370-HC
Operating Temperatures -40 °F to +185 °F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Boats
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Solar Panels for RV
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
Warranty12-year warranty extendable 25 years
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Silfab HC 370W is a 120 cell monocrystalline solar panel made in the USA. This all-black panel features 9 busbars, which results in lower power output losses in shading conditions. Silfab 370W solar panels are ideal for both residential and commercial installations.

  • 370 Watts
  • 120 Cell, Monocrystalline, PERC
  • 9 busbars
  • 20.2% Module Efficiency
  • 1000 V Max System Voltage
  • MC4 connectors
  • Black frame, black back

Industry-Leading Efficiency of up to 20.2%

Premium quality materials and strict quality control management allow Silfab HC 370W panels to show an efficiency of up to 20.2% under test conditions. Reduced thermal stresses and DSM antireflective coating contribute to an even greater solar power harvest.

Automated Manufacturing Process

Silfab’s manufacturing process is one of the most automated in the world. The North American manufacturer pays a particular attention to details to ensure high-quality PV modules, which outperform the others in efficiency, endurance and long-term power performance. The Silfab 370 watt solar panel is an example of the NA quality.

Quality and Reliability

The quality of each Silfab HC 370W panel is under meticulous control throughout the manufacturing process. Silfab panels are designed and manufactured to meet Buy American Act Compliance.

Enhanced Frame Design

The Silfab 370W module’s aluminum light-weight frame is compatible with different racking. It is also extremely durable, being able to withstand a heavy wind and snow load up to 5400 Pa.

25 Year Product and 30 Year Performance Warranty

Silfab 370 degradation is low and the panel comes with unparalleled guarantees for the industry. Silfab HC 370W panels come with a 12-year product workmanship and 30-year performance warranty, which guarantees 82.6% of power output at the end of year 30, according to the Silfab 370 spec sheet.


69.4" x 40.8" x 1.37"


44 lbs

Reviews & Questions

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grabbed my order at the warehouse. everything is in order. going to store them in the garage until the installation
07/10/2021 09:25 am
I purchased these panels mainly because the warranty caught my eye. Never saw a 30 year performance warranty before and decided that these guys probably think highly of their product. Hope to live long enough to see these panels age.
06/19/2021 02:14 pm
Got the package, thanks! The installation started, everything goes as it should so far. My installer (a really nice guy) approved my choice and said that Silfab panels always pay for themselves and not just once here in California, but two or three times.
06/02/2021 07:43 pm
We (me and my wife) purchased these panels five months ago for our flower shop in Phoenix. Our electric bills diminished by, i’d say, 80%. Even though I had my doubts in the beginning, now I really know that it was a good decision to go solar. Thank you
05/16/2021 06:42 am

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Hi. I heard you need to get a permit to install solar. Will i need one for these panels?
07/05/2021, 10:37
Good day. Whether or not you need a permit depends not on the model, but on the state. In most states the permit is required, but it’s usually your installer who handles most of the work.
Hello. i live in montana, and it snows a lot here. will it affect them? how long are these going to last?
Damien Yu
06/16/2021, 09:46
Good day. Silfab panels last at least 30 years. The cold won’t be an issue, they actually work better when it’s cold and sunny. However, if the snow is thick, you have to clean it to allow panels to produce energy in winter.