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320 watt solar panels

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Cell Type / Arrangement  —  96 Cells 12x8
Rated Power Output  —  320 watt

The 320 W solar panel revolutionary technology allows for absorption of plentiful sunlight. It is suitable for powering a house up to 30 kWh as well as for installation on industrial sites.

Advantages of 320 W solar panel

  • Efficient power output under low light environment.
  • Can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Suitable to include in autonomous, grid, and hybrid power plants for industrial and home usage.
  • The transparency of tempered glass boosts the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Durability of aluminum frame helps resist adverse weather conditions.
  • Panel keeps producing energy after 25 years of service.

You can purchase 320 W solar panel in our online store at your convenience. Our sales managers will contact you to specify order details. We can help you pick panels to build a power station up to 30 kWh. We can also assist you with choosing the right equipment, which ranges from 10-15 watts to 370 watts of power.