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Q CELLS 485W Solar Panel 156 cells Q.PEAK DUO XL-G10.3/BFG

  • Rated Power Output 485 W
  • Voltage (VOC)53.63 V
  • Number of cells156
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
In stock

Silfab 420W Solar Panel 108 Cell All-Black SIL-420-QD

  • Rated Power Output 420 W
  • Voltage (VOC)37.68V
  • Number of cells108
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
In stock

JA Solar 545W Solar Panel 144 Cell Bifacial JA-JAM72-D30-545MB

  • Rated Power Output 545 W
  • Voltage (VOC)49.75V
  • Number of cells144
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Pickup on Wed, Jun 19 from West Boylston, MA

In stock

Phono Solar 550W Solar Panel 144 Cells PS550M6-24/TH

  • Rated Power Output 550 W
  • Voltage (VOC)49.59 V
  • Number of cells144
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
In stock

JA Solar 550W Solar Panel 144 Cell Bifacial JA-JAM72-D30-550MB

  • Rated Power Output 550 W
  • Voltage (VOC)49.9 V
  • Number of cells144
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
In stock

Q CELLS 425W Solar Panel 108 Cell 12 Busbar Q.TRON BLK M-G2+ Assembled in USA

  • Rated Power Output 425 W
  • Voltage (VOC)38.67 V
  • Number of cells108
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Pickup on Wed, Jun 19 from Garner, NC

In stock

Silfab 500W Solar Panel 132 Cell SIL-500-HM

  • Rated Power Output 500 W
  • Voltage (VOC)45.78V
  • Number of cells132
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline
In stock

Magnus Green Solar 440W Solar Panel 120 Cell MGS-60M10-440W

  • Rated Power Output 440 W
  • Voltage (VOC)41.2V
  • Number of cells120
  • Cell TypeMonocrystalline

Pickup on Wed, Jun 19 from Riverton, NJ

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490 Watt Solar Panels

It is easy to see the benefits of solar power, but configuring a system that will maximize these benefits is going to be much more difficult. One of the key characteristics is a panel’s power rating. The higher it is, the more energy a module will yield. A 490 Watt solar panel is almost at the very top of the hierarchy. PV modules don’t get much more powerful than this. Let’s take a closer look at this powerhouse of a solar panel.

The pros of 490 Watt solar panels

  • You need fewer panels to build a system of a certain size. This results in time, money and space savings
  • More powerful panels tend to be slightly more efficient, even within the same series
  • The scale drives down costs, making 490w solar panel price per watt more attractive compared to less powerful models
  • You get a more reliable system because fewer panels don’t require as many connections, thus reducing the risk of failure

The average price of 490 Watt panels

A 490 watt solar panel cost will be higher than that of the most residential modules. Since their power outputs are significantly higher, it’s not a big surprise. To compare PV modules with different power outputs fairly, we need to use price per watt. Every 490 watt solar panel for sale on our website has all the information on its product page to make shopping easier.

As a rule, Chinese manufacturers will offer lower prices, all the way down to $0.5 per watt for a 490 w solar panel. Companies from Europe and Japan, on the other hand, tend to be the most expensive, with prices going well over $1 per watt. American and Korean PV modules could be an ideal mix of quality and affordability.

Sizes of 490 Watt panels

490 watt solar panels often employ 156 half-cut solar cells, which are equivalent in size to 78 full-sized cells. Regardless of the exact number of cells, an average 490w solar panel will have the following properties:

  • 89″ length
  • 41″ width
  • 1.37″ depth
  • 57 lbs weight

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