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SolarEdge P505 Power Optimizer 505W

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Dimensions LxWxH5.1" x 6.4" x 2.3"
Weight2.3 lbs
Manufacturer Part #SolarEdgeP505
Operating Temperatures -40 °F to +85 °F
Warranty25 years Manufacture
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

SolarEdge, Optimizer 505W, Add-On Box for one 72 or 96 cell module, 12.5-87V, 14A, MC4-compatible In/Out, UL 1000VDC, P505

 SolarEdge P505 supports both 72 and 96 high wattage modules, including bifacial. This power optimizer replaces widely used solar junction boxes, helping raise the efficiency of the panels and cut costs on maintenance. The first is achieved thanks to a technology called maximum power point tracking (MPPT), which allows power outputs to be up to 25% higher. The second is possible by virtue of the SolarEdge monitoring platform, specifically designed to collect performance data on each individual PV module. To install, you only need to fasten a single bolt, which makes the whole process easier but doesn’t compromise security.

Compliance with all relevant standards

SolarEdge P505 meets all safety, material and electromagnetic compatibility standards. The model is compliant with VDE-AR-E 2100-712 Fire Safety Standard.

Key Benefits

  • P505 deals with power tolerance, partial shading and other mismatch losses
  • SafeDC feature shuts the modules’ voltage in case of emergency
  • Module-level monitoring to reduce maintenance costs
  • Constant string voltage for optimal inverter efficiency
  • 50% less cables, fuses and boxes required
  • Installing involves fastening a single bolt
  • Up to 25% more energy output
  • 100% longer strings
  • 25 year warranty
  • 99.5% efficiency

Reviews & Questions

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I think it makes very little sense to use the optimizers without the SolarEdge inverter. Most of the benefits can only be reaped when you have both. I planned this setup from the very beginning, so it was not a problem for me. A1 has a great variety of both SolarEdge Inverters and power optimizers, which makes it possible to buy everything in one place.
Tracy U.
07/12/2021 02:42 pm
Great prices, a good pickup location and outstanding service. I think I have added to the list of my favorite online shops. The devices do the job as described.
Carolyn and Tom
06/09/2021 06:28 pm
Standard residential inverters are about 95-98% efficient, while the SolarEdge inverter + power optimizer have an efficiency of about 99.5%. This was enough for me to make a decision
Lam Gurney
05/19/2021 12:27 pm

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Do these work with SolarEdge inverters only?
Manuel Free
07/07/2021, 15:26
It is possible for SolarEdge optimizers to work with all inverters, however, they are specifically designed to work with the same brand of inverters.