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Q CELLS 350W Solar Panel 120 cells Q.PEAK DUO G6+

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Rated Power Output 350 W
Voltage (VOC)40.73V
Maximum String Voltage 1000V
Cell number
  • 120 cell
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19.5 %
Connector TypeMC4 or MC4 comparable
Backsheet Color
  • white
Frame Color
  • black
Dimensions LxWxH68.5​ x 40.5​ x 1.26 in
Weight43.9 lbs
ManufacturerHanwha Q CELLS
Manufacturer Part #Q.PEAK-DUO-G6-350
Operating Temperatures -40 °F to +185 °F
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Boats
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Solar Panels for RV
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty12-year warranty extendable 25 years
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

Q CELLS 350W Solar Panel 120 cells Q.PEAK DUO G6

The Q.PEAK DUO-G6 embeds Q CELLS’ latest innovative technology, Q.ANTUM DUO, which allows more power generation per square meter. This was achieved by combining the technology of Q.ANTUM cells with new wiring and cell design, resulting in optimal efficiency regardless of weather conditions. A monocrystalline panel, the Q.PEAK DUO features a 20.1% efficiency rate. Its high-performing six-busbar half cells enable more energy to be produced, meaning fewer, better looking panels, for a visually pleasing roof.

Higher Efficiency

Higher yield per surface area, lower BOS costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rate of up to 19.3 %.

Enduring high performance

Long-term yield security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology1, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.

Innovative all-weather technology

Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour.

Extreme weather rating

High-tech aluminium alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa).

Product warranty

Inclusive 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty2.

Product details

  • Power output 350W
  • Shipping dimensions 68.5 x 40.5 x 1.26 in
  • Shipping weight 41.8 lb
  • Frame black
  • Connector MC4

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I would like to thank you guys for the perfect job and help you gave me with the choice of the panels.
11/18/2020 07:36 am
Just wanted to thank all your co-workers in working with me. This has been the best customer service.
11/03/2020 06:06 am
Thank you for your professional service and help. The way you handled my order is beyond words.
10/19/2020 09:03 pm

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How much will solar panel maintenance cost?
12/17/2020, 10:23
Solar panels require minimal maintenance. There is no moving parts so cleaning once every 6 months is enough.