Canadian Solar 300W CS6K-300MS-T4 Solar Panel is available online at a low price at A1 Solar Store
Canadian Solar 300W CS6K-300MS-T4 Solar Panel is available online at a low price at A1 Solar Store Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel
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Canadian Solar 300W Solar Panel

$190.77 List price: $240.00 Save: $49.23 -21%
Price per Watt  —  $0.64
Rated Power Output  —  300 W
Voltage (VOC)  —  37.2V
Cell Type  —  Mono-crystalline / 60 (6x10)
Delivery Time  —  4-7 Business Days
fedex xpo
2-5 Business Days Shipping
Through FedEx or XPO Logistics


Canadian Solar 300W CS6K-300MS-T4 with Mono-PERC cells significantly improve efficiency and reliability. This new technology offers superior low irradiance performance in the morning, in the evening and on cloudy days, increasing the energy output of the panel and the overall yield of the solar system.

Key Features

  • 11% more power than conventional modules
  • Excellent performance at low irradiance: 97.5 %
  • High PTC rating of up to 91.8%
  • Improved energy production due to low temperature coefficients
  • IP67 junction box for longterm weather endurance
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa, wind load up to 2400 Pa
  • Cell efficiency of up to 20.0 %
  • 25 years linear power output warranty
  • 10 years product warranty on materials and workmanship

Canadian Solar is committed to providing high quality solar panels, solar system solutions and services to customers around the world. No. 1 module supplier for quality and performance/price ratio in IHS Module Customer Insight Survey. As a leading PV project developer and manufacturer of solar modules with over 30 GW deployed around the world since 2001.

Canadian Solar, 300W PV Module, PV Wire, T4 (MC4-comparable), 35mm Black Frame on Black Backsheet , BOB, 60 Cell Mono-PERC, 15A Fuse, 1000VDC, 280.3W PTC, CS6K-300MS-T4


Condition New
Connector Type Multi-Compact® Type IV (MC4™)
Dimensions LxWxH 65.0" x 39.1" x 1.37"
Manufacturer Canadian Solar
Manufacturer Part # CS6K-300MS-T4
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
Weight 40.1 lbs


We had these panels on the roof for 6 months now, and are very happy with their performance. No problems at all.
I am very happy with the prices. I shopped around it and they had the best deal.
I live in a very wooded area, and even though I do get a lot of sun, it was a concern that that panels wouldn't perform well. To my surprise, I get excellent energy output! I am very impressed with these panels’ efficiency.
The delivery was fast. The product as described.
I do not have a lot of space on my roof, so I was worried about even the possibility of having a solar system installed. But Canadian Solar are so compact, that they fit perfectly.
Excellent product for affordable price
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Adair Yearwood 0 11/12/2019
Is a Xantrac 3000 inverter compatable with three 300 watt solar panels? We own a 5th wheel
Galyna Kruglov 0 11/12/2019
Yes it is.
richard bates 0 11/02/2019
how much for shipping 4 panels-the 300 watt panels
Galyna Kruglov 0 11/05/2019
Shipping is $175 continental USA
Ibis 0 10/21/2019
Where in New Jersey is the warehouse located
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/22/2019
At present time we do not have this panel in NJ
John B 0 10/20/2019
Canadian shipping is gonna kill me. Any chance you might open a warehouse in Florida or anywhere in the SE?
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/22/2019
Please call us for Florida stock availability
shelia phelps 0 10/02/2019
does this come with everything we need to hook it up
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/08/2019
This is not a kit. Only PV module is included.
earl 0 09/27/2019
is the 300 watt solar panel free shipping
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/08/2019
Shipping is $175 continental US
Lazarus Fungurani 0 09/25/2019
Can i order online, and will you deliver to the place where i'm staying right now?
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/08/2019
Yes you can order online
Paul Pendle 0 09/18/2019
How are the heat tolerances of the panel? I live in AZ where the Summer temps cam be 120. Is efficiency impacted?
Galyna Kruglov 0 10/08/2019
Yes panel efficiency does get impacted by hotter temperatures. See panel temperature coefficency data. 0 09/02/2019
Will these work with existing 300 wat inverter?
Galyna Kruglov 0 09/09/2019
Please see specifications for your controller (MAX PV input)
Kemari 0 08/30/2019
Will I have to buy a connector to wire it to the charge controller
Galyna Kruglov 0 09/09/2019
Yes. you can get small quantities of MC4 connectors on amazon.


SUPERPOWER CS6K-290|295|300|305MS (Canadian_Solar-Datasheet-SuperPower_CS6K-MS_en.pdf, 764 Kb) [Download]


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