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Canadian Solar 445W Solar Panel 144 Call Bifacial CS3W-445MB-AG Wholesale

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Rated Power Output 445 W
Voltage (VOC)48.9 V
Maximum String Voltage 1500V
Number of cells144
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Rated Efficiency19.9%
Connector TypeT4 series or H4 UTX or MC4-EVO2
Frame Colorsilver
Dimensions LxWxH83.9 x 41.3 x 1.2 in
Weight62.6 lb
Pallet Qty33
ManufacturerCanadian Solar
Manufacturer Part #CS3W-445MB-AG
Operating Temperatures -40℃ to + 85℃
Scope of Application
  • Solar Panels for Commercial
  • Solar Panels for Home
  • Commercial
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Residential
Warranty12/ 30-year see warranty details
Delivery Time 5-7 business days

About product

A bifacial solar panel BiHiKu from Canadian Solar is perfectly suited for building high-output installations and large solar projects. Rear side of a BiHiKu provides up to 30% more power output, depending on the reflectivity of a surface.


  • 445W power output
  • 144 half-cut monocrystalline cells
  • up to 25.9% efficiency
  • T4 series or H4 UTX or T4 series or MC4-EVO2 connectors
  • 1500V Maximum System Voltage 

Rear side provides up to 30% more power

BiHiKu is a bifacial panel which means that both sides of a panel produce electricity under sunlight. The exact bonus that you get from the rear side of the module depends on the reflectivity of a surface behind a panel. It may reach up to 30% of the panel initial output which means that the output of a module increases from 445W to 579W maximum with 25.9% efficiency.

Half-cut cell design increases reliability and shading tolerance

Canadian Solar features half-cut cell design which increases the longevity, durability and shading tolerance of a panel. Hot spots are less likely to develop over the lifespan of a panel. The risk of microcracks is lower and their effect on the production is less significant. Besides, two sides of a module are independent from each other, therefore the shading of one half has no impact on the other one.

BiHiKu is ready for bad weather

Canadian Solar panels are known to do well even in low-light conditions. BiHiKu has a lower than average temperature coefficient of -0.34%/°C which makes it a good choice for hot areas as well. The panel can withstand heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa and wind load up to 3600 Pa.

Comes with strong warranties

The module comes protected by solid warranties from the Canadian manufacturer. The company provides a 12-year warranty on materials and workmanship plus a 30-year performance warranty. The 1st year power degradation doesn’t exceed 2% and subsequent annual power degradation is no more than 0.45%.


83.9 ˣ 41.3 ˣ 1.2 in


62.6 lbs

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Certainly a good investment in the long run. Here in Arizona each panel gives me about 500W of power or so, depending on the day. Loads of power, I don't actually feel like I need the grid anymore.
Michael Mere
09/13/2022 07:30 am
We’ve used these panels for over half a year on our farm in Colorado. They are very strong. I don't feel like the rear side adds a lot but it’s more like my fault though, I should figure a way to make sunlight bounce off the roof, but I haven't been able to get to it yet.
scott N
09/13/2022 07:30 am

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Are this 24 volts panel
Ben Vong
10/07/2022, 13:26
The voltage of this panel is 48.9 V
how do I get basic instructions to figure out the number of panel I would need? We are off the grid.
10/07/2022, 13:20
We have written a number of beginner-level articles. Click "Magazine" at the very top of our website. We have an entire compilation dedicated to PV system design
will i need a cable to tie 2 panels / microinverters together?
10/07/2022, 13:07
Depending on your design and what comes with the microinverter, you may indeed need some cable.